Briana's Debut Album 'beginnings' was released January 20, 2021

Released when she was only 17 years old, Briana's first album 'beginnings' combines sounds of Modern Country, Blues, Americana and Folk to create a unique blend of heartfelt songs. Her lyrics displayed across the 12 tracks are realistic and relatable, perfect for her target audience. 


Last Name

released 14th October, 2022

Briana Dinsdale’s new single ‘Last Name’ represents her musical
maturity and a coming of age for the young rising country music star.
Combining elements of her favourite styles: Country, Americana, and
Rock, ‘Last Name’ is a memorable, honest and candid story that comes
straight from the Taylor Swift school of heartbreak. Briana hopes that
the honesty and significance from the lyrics will be something that many
will relate to.

“Last Name is my heart and soul after experiencing heartbreak put into a
song. I wanted the sound of ‘Last Name’ to be out of the ordinary but
still so relatable for so many people. I hope the broken hearted can
scream this one”
Briana Dinsdale

Irresistible Force

released 19th of august, 2022

Briana Dinsdale’s fourth official single release “Irresistible Force” is the
perfect representation of her mature level of musicianship for her
youthful age. Her unique, Country-Americana flaring sounds navigate
their way through the ambient tones and moving lyrics based on her
experience with teenage heartbreak. Co-written with Golden Guitar
winner Melody Moko and produced by Melody’s husband Michael
Muchow (Moko), “Irresistible Force”, truly is.....an irresistible force.

“To me ‘Irresistible Force’ is definitely the most heart wrenching songs
I’ve put into the world. I wrote it with Melody Moko and I am so proud of
how the song has turned out. It’s raw, honest, captivating, and heart-
breaking yet heart-warming. I really hope that other people who may
have had their heartbroken can connect and reminisce on those valuable

I'll Run To You

Released 28th January, 2022

This country rocking single from Briana will be sure to keep you on your feet. With a catchy chorus, guitar and keyboard solo section and room for a breakdown, this love song executes sounds of maturity whilst keeping a youthful, teenage element throughout. 

Why Did I Fall For You?

Released 21st June, 2021

Bringing to life the realities of a push-and-pull relationship, 'Why Did I Fall For You' is the perfect example of a modern day Americana piece of music. The illustrative lyrics portray the struggles one may face when being torn apart in a situation where they feel helpless. 

Ball and Chain

Released 6th January 2021

For Briana's first ever release, 'Ball and Chain' reached audiences all over the world, from the USA to the United Kingdom, and New Zealand to Germany. The blended Country Blues sounds in combination with the well-written lyrics create a catchy, relatable tune for people of all ages.